DNAC physical connectivity is important to bring up the interfaces and pass the initial connection checks and NTP checks for DNAC to continue the application install. While doing the initial setup, I would highly encourage to setup CIMC first so that you can configure the DNAC interfaces before starting the switch side connectivity and configuration. My physical setup with single DNAC is shown below.


The first fiber link (in my case IP is the cluster link connecting to a switch, if you have multiple DNAC, all of their cluster link should be connected via L2, sharing Virtual IP. configuration on the DNAC side is shown below.

vlan config on port

The second fiber link is used for enterprise connectivity (in my case IP, this will also be used for accessing your DNAC GUI or CLI. the config on the DNAC side is shown below.

vlan config on port6

switch side config is shown below

interface TenGigabitEthernet1/1/2
description DNAC-ETH
switchport trunk allowed vlan 6
switchport mode trunk


interface Vlan6
description DNAC-ETH
ip address

DNAC Side IP Config

DNAC Side config1


DNAC Side config2

The green cable is CIMC (IP and the gray cable ( is for out of band management which is not configured yet.

Once the setup is done right, while installing DNAC you will hit a bug CSCvi01378, however this is cosmetic and the workaround will work just fine, if your connectivity is correct.

Now you are ready to move on with the DNAC install, after install you will be able to access DNAC home page and ready to work.


Hope you enjoy reading it a much as I enjoyed writing it.